Geography: Violence and Poverty in The History of Libya Essay

Geography: Violence and Poverty in The History of Libya Essay

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Throughout Libya’s history, there has been violence and poverty. Even while Libya was controlled by other nations, it continued to be invaded. Currently there is revolution in Libya while its new government attempts to put together the pieces. Thousands of people are being killed in the struggle for power. Libya is a relatively new independent country. It has spent most of its history controlled by other nations. These countries include Italy, United Kingdom, and France. Libya became an independent nation on 24 December 1951. Most of Libya is considered a third world country. Currently the population in Libya is around 6.7 million people.
Early in the history of Libya, it was part of the Roman Empire. When the Roman Kingdom divided into two, Libya became part of Eastern Roman Empire. In 642 Libya was conquered by the Arabs. During the 16th century, Libya became part of the Turkish Empire. It stayed part of the Turkish Empire until Italy invaded in 1911. However, resistance from the people of Libya continued for many years. Eventually Italy subdued Libya and had full control by 1932. During the Second World War Italy joined, the German’s and soldiers based in Italy fought the British in Egypt. In 1943, the British took over control of Libya. In 1947, Italy gave up control of Libya. Libya became an Independent country in 1951.
Libya’s first government was a dictatorship under Muammar Gaddafi. During his 42 years of rule, his practices as a dictator were brutal. All key decisions and state wealth remained under his tight control. There was no freedom of speech and the government would be most like socialism. While socialism did have some benefits, for example medical care, electricity, and education, the dra...

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...ce and death. Libya continues to rely solely on its oil reserves and need to diversify its economic revenues. Libya also continues to get negative attention due to its involvement in terrorism. As long as the Libyan government fails to assist the United Nations in their war on terror, operations in Libya will continue.

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