Essay on The Geography Of Egypt And Mesopotamia

Essay on The Geography Of Egypt And Mesopotamia

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The water that flowed through the areas of North-Eastern Africa and Southwest Asia brought life and civilization to the mostly dry land. The source of water advanced civilization in the once vacant area, creating cities that thrived into kingdoms- some known as Egypt and Mesopotamia (Littell 2009). Though these former kingdoms were segregated from one another, there are many similar and different factors the two empires held. These comparing factors were the geography, the culture, the civilizations, and the advances of technology. The evolution of each kingdom brought them both closer together in similarities, as it did in contrasting them.
The geography of Egypt and Mesopotamia had similarities to one another, but they were not identical. Both kingdoms were located by water sources that usually gift fertile soil to their land. The area of Mesopotamia contained two rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers, which allowed the fertile land to be created (Littell 2009). The area of Egypt contained the Nile River, which had yearly floods that gifted the land with fertile land that they could use for future technologies, like farming. The Nile River always flooded every year, causing it to become reliable for the Egyptian people. Chapter 2: Great Civilizations states that the consistent flooding was due to their geography layout of mountains at the source of the Nile, which led water runoff to their land as it flooded the southern Nile Valley and left silt, or fertile soil. In contrast, Mesopotamia’s rivers were unpredictable when it came to excess water flooding over parts of the land (Littell 2009). Though Mesopotamia was located in the Middle East and located in the Fertile Crescent, an area of agriculture, they did not always ...

... middle of paper ...’ contraption to transport the material to the building site, much like what the Mesopotamians would have done.
Even though Egypt and Mesopotamia were on different continents, the ways that they did things were similar. Though there were differences in how they ran their government and built their advanced architectural buildings, both civilizations advanced and gained new technology and education. No one village was the same to another. They learned how to do things differently since they were isolated from one another due to each other’s geography, until they started trade with one another. Their villages were different from each other due to their geography, their culture, their development of civilization, and their technology advances. Though Egypt and Mesopotamia were different, they both brought great life to the North-Eastern Africa and Southern Asia region.

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