Geography and its Effect in Ancient Civilizations Essay

Geography and its Effect in Ancient Civilizations Essay

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In ancient civilizations, geography affected them in so many ways, like the climate, resources, and the landscape that they use. The climates affect them because monsoons were offend common that brought heavy rain and wind to the area. The mountains provided them with protection against invasions, but the mountains were also used for trading with other to get the resources that they needed.
In Ancient Greece they use many of their geography to help them be the civilization that they wanted to be. The mountains help them be isolated and separate from other city-state making them more independent. They use the Mediterranean Sea to provide farming to provide additional crops, but they became master sailors and developed a large trading network to be able to trade with others. The climate was always hot and dry, which sometimes affected the growth of the crops for that season.
In Ancient Egypt they use the Nile River and the Sahara Desert in some many ways that benefited them. Ancient Egypt was divided into two land different land, the black land and red land. The black land was the fertile land that the Nile River made and the red land was the desert of Egypt. They use the Nile River for the fertile soil that was left after the river was not flooded, so that they could use that fertile soil for growing crops. They would also use the Nile River for fishing, washing their clothes, and sometimes they would trade with others for resources that they needed. The Sahara Desert was used for protection against other invading armies. The climate was always hot and very dry; this is what made it really hard for farming if you lived in the desert area.
In Ancient India they would always have to deal with the type of weather, especially monso...

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... Rome. The hills that Ancient Rome had been use to separate them from other land and from the Tiber River. The hills would sometimes be used to grow crops that would be able to grow on hills, but sometimes they would erode away. The climate that Ancient Rome had was a Mediterranean climate, in the summer it would be warm and in the winter it would be cold. Rome would offend receive a lot of rain which was good for the growth of crops. Now you know was how geography affected many ancient civilizations and how those civilizations use them. The climate was a big role in the geography because it would depend if they were able to grow their crops. The rivers and mountains would offend help them grow their crops and protect them from other civilizations or invasions. Every civilization would use their geography that was around them the way that would most benefit them.

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