Geographies Of Marriage And Migration By Raksha Pande Essay

Geographies Of Marriage And Migration By Raksha Pande Essay

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This paper is a brief summery for “Geographies of Marriage and Migration” by Raksha Pande and my response to the article. The article discusses the controversy of arranged marriages, why this culture favors them, the different ways of looking at them other than through a strictly Western view, and expresses the need for new research in this field. It focuses on South Asians in Britain, which include people of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi origin, East African Sikhs, and Gujaratis, some who migrated there and some who were Britain born. It debates the ways of looking at the arrangement of marriages depending on the viewpoint/generation but also provides other ways of looking at the positives of this structure of marriage. Pande also talks about the reasons why people tend to look down upon those who see to this type of marriage, and transnational arrangements of marriage. She discusses the myths/differences behind arranged and forced marriages. Western marriages thrive on the basis of marriage that must have romantic love and support the self-identity of a person. In a small section she gives examples of how people in western societies base who they will marry off of ideals that steamed from novels like Pride and Prejudice. They see this other practices of marriage as degrading to females, forceful, and lacking in love. To quote Pande, “… the dominant assumption about arranged marriages is that they are based on cold rationality, a contract between families rather than a companionate loving relationship between two people” (p. 78). She proves with research that this assumption is untrue.
She also talks about politics surrounding arranged marriage. For example, the links between migration and marriage that cause suspicion f...

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... no to an offer. Most people see arranged marriages as something to be forced on to the young family members and that arranged marriages are “male-dominated.” When in reality that’s not true women in this situation have just as much of a say, if not more, and the marriage is commonly proposed after affection is shown from both parties involved. Because we do not share the same beliefs as, for example, British- Asians we show signs of pity towards them, and have originated the term, “third world females.” Some personal responsibility I will take away from this is to help educate those around me when I see the requirement to. Possible impacts of this would overall be acceptance of other cultures. Even though we do not experience this first hand, we should always respect the decisions of someone else, especially if it in no way affects us as a whole.

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