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A revolution of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) occurred in the mid- 1980s and this was characterised by massive innovations in the way geographic data was collected, stored, manipulated and managed (Openshaw and Openshaw 1997). Since GIS is an enabling technology, Cromley and McIafferty (2002) stated that striving to reach a consensus definition of GIS would be extremely difficulty. Longley et al (2001) however pointed out that the strength and prowess of GIS as automated systems in the way they enable the capture, storage, retrieval, analysis and in the display of spatial data. GIS has thus developed tremendously because it covers many fields and disciplines and has etched its way into our day to day working and living arrangements. It is now a technology that we now use to solve real-world problems.
Artz and Baumann (2011) quoted Jack Dangermond, who said the Geographic Approach was the key geospatial technology in GIS in finding answers to questions. Dangermond continued that this new approach integrated geographic information into how people understand and manage the environment. It enables them to create geographic knowledge by utilising scientific methods in data gathering and processing. Solving problems in not seen as a new concept but GIS is then used in Location-based analysis and decision making. The traditional scientific methods left a lot of data in storage and GIS has led to most of this data being processed into maps and other forms of visualisations.
Slingsby (2011) outlined how the Output Area Classification (OAC) has used GIS as a scientific discipline and a geographical tool in distilling and visually representing the 2001 census results. Openshaw and Openshaw (1997) pointed out that geographic data l...

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