Gentically Modified Organisms (GMO) Essay

Gentically Modified Organisms (GMO) Essay

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The use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) will affect our environment and community in both positive and negative ways, because the good part of GMO is that it helps us grow our food and keeps away pest from eating it while it grows, also get rid of weeds. But the negative part is that the weeds get immune to the chemicals which the farmers will have to use more round-up to get rid of the weeds, and many more.
Some risk from GMO, are environmental hazards, uncontrolled biological pollution, and health risk, etc. GMO is affecting some of the insects like the monarch butterflies and bees, from monarchs suffering to bees vanishing, and some of them occur to GMO use. Experts believed that the dramatic decreasing populations of bees both in the United States and abroad are directly related to genetically modified plants and their pollen too.
Genetically Modified organisms are organisms that had its DNA altered in some way through genetic engineering. In a reading “Hawaii is at the Forefront of Genetically Modified Crops”, by H. Sterling Burnett, who is a senior fellow from the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) that he wrote about genetically modifying papaya, to resistance to the papaya ring spot virus.
The negative impact about genetically modified foods is that about seventy percent of the food package in a grocery store is mostly genetically modified foods. GMO also causes environmental damages, since the soil have GMO then growing plants normally it won’t help support themselves because the environment is already damaged from GMO. Another negative impact is that some genetically modified food causes some allergic reactions for some people, so now they can’t eat some of the foods because mostly all the foods ar...

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...has to look through everything to make sure it doesn’t have any GMO chemicals in them, or she could get an allergic reaction and maybe die.

In conclusion, I think from everything I researched about I believe my message would be for this is that no matter how bad GMO is it still helps us with our food, but we need to find a different way to grow foods without GMO before it starts killing every thing and we will have nothing and soon we will parish. Another thing is that I want to try not to eat GMO crops and try to grow my own foods. Lastly, I learned that genetically modified organisms does affect our environment and is killing them.

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