Essay on Genocide : The Most Prominent Genocide

Essay on Genocide : The Most Prominent Genocide

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Genocides have plagued the world since men first began forming social groups. A genocide can be defined as the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. Although the actual word genocide wasn’t invented until 1948, they have been around forever in human history. The earliest genocides happened approximately 10,000 years ago when ancient tribes mass-murdered their opposing sides. This is the earliest scientifically dated evidence for a human group conflict—a precursor to what we now know as a genocide. The most prominent genocide as seen throughout history is the Holocaust. This horrific event carried out by Hitler and his loyal Nazi soldiers took the lives of over six million Jews. Genocides can occur for many of reasons, whether it be a difference in economics, religion, or even physical appearance. A more modern take on a genocide event would be the Rwandan Genocide. This is when certain cultural groups have tried to eliminate their opposing side. What the Hutu’s did to the Tutsi’s is a prime example of two clashing groups that have disfavored relations. The events that took place in Rwanda in 1994 is a stark contrast from what the country is like today.
To comprehend the happenings of the Rwandan Genocide, one must understand the past relationship between the Hutus and Tutsis and how it hasn’t been very pleasant. The overwhelmingly majority of Rwandan citizens came from the Hutu class, which number about eighty-five percent. At first, Hutus were the peasants tending to the fields while Tutsis were wealthy land owners. Wealth gained from cattle ownership helped the Tutsi’s gain control in the government of Rwanda. Hutus were denied the rights to government and education privile...

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...e, saying how the Hutu class has been suppressed under the hands of Tutsis. The radio channeled the anger of the Hutus towards the Tutsis, and dehumanized them. This genocide be sort of a slave rebellion.
The only way the Tutsis could stop being killed is by the protection of the RPF. The RPF fought back, with courage and strength. This created both a civil war and genocide all at the same time. An estimated 350,000 women were raped (United to End Genocide, 2016). After they were raped, they were slaughtered. Soon, the RPF gained the help up United Nations soldiers, and they could drive the Hutu militia out of Rwanda. The Tutsi president, Paul Kagame, claimed victory for his people in July 1994. He has served as the Rwandan president since 2000. (Coleman, 2010) In total, up to a million people were murdered by their neighbors in roughly a hundred days. (Gwin, 2004)

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