Genocide : The Genocide And Why They Started It Essay

Genocide : The Genocide And Why They Started It Essay

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In this paper I am telling you what happened in 1994 Rwanda. I give you eye witness accounts and tell you who started the genocide and why they started it. You will look into the lives of children that experienced this first hand.

Imagine being ripped out of bed in the middle of the night not knowing what is going on, and then be forced to watch people rape and even kill parents, brothers, and their sisters that was the life of being a Tutsi in 1994. This is the things the Tutsi community had to deal with in 1994. The Hutu killed an estimated 800,000 people in just 100 days as the world watched. Instead of just sitting and watching I believe we (United States of America) as world power should have stopped this systematic killing of the Tutsi minority group. In this paper you will be reading all about those tragic months.
“In just 100 days some, 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda by ethnic Hutu extremists.” The mass killings started in Kigali but quickly spread to the rest of the country. As the Hutu slaughter started the World did nothing, said nothing and turned its back on the problem. With no support and vastly outnumbered the Tutsi had little to no chance of defending their selves.
The problem was that although the Tutsi were the minority group they held all the positions of power. They were given the power by Belgium, because the Tutsi people were thought to be better than the Hutu. After being oppressed by the Tutsi and the Belgium’s and thought to be beneath the Tutsi the Hutu knowing they outnumbered the Tutsi and the Belgium’s they over through the government and oppressed the Tutsi using violence. The worst part was the brutality and the way they killed these people.
The way they carried out these s...

... middle of paper ... she meet a man and fell in love. But she was scared that she might have a HIV, so she got tested. She had aids. She now lives with the virus and is dying and she has no hope of treatment.
A young Woman named Emma was visiting Kibuye, in Kigali when the killing started. One of her friends said the best way to not die was to become a prostitute. She soon began to fall victim of constant rape. She was staying with this family and their servant told the whole town she was there, so the boys in the town would go find her and rape her. So after a while the family she was staying with abandoned the house, the husband had been killed and his wife had been missing, so she was stuck with the servant who had raped her and had other people rape her. She became pregnant and feared for her death but was not afraid to die because she knew someone would look after her children.

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