The Genocide of Native Americans Essay

The Genocide of Native Americans Essay

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Memoirs are a window into events of the past or peoples lives. The more that people read memoirs, the more people understand about the world around them. That is why many memoirs are considered to be classics.
There have been many different Genocides throughout our history. According to the a genocide is “the deliberate killing of people who belong to a particular racial, political, or cultural group” (genocide). Many famous memoirs have come from these genocides, and many have come from events that do not exactly classify as genocides.
Many sites such as,, and have created lists of the most horrific genocides in history, there are 8 that come up time and time again they are the Genocide of North Korean Prison Camps, the Genocide of Native Americans, the Bosnian Genocide, Stalin’s Genocides, The Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Rwandan Genocide, the Armenian Genocide, and of course the Holocaust(Devlin, Danelek, Fabie).
When it comes to North Korea, outside countries have no real way to know about what is going on inside of this mysterious country's borders.You may ask how do we even know about the Prison camps that are within North Korea if the government denies their existence? One way that we have been able to verify that they do really exist is by satellite imagery, we have images that have clearly outlined pieces of land with industrial buildings, tons of smaller buildings, and very large fences, but we would not have known to even look for such things if it wasn't for the help of one man, Shin Dong-Hyuk. Shin is the only person to have escaped from a North Korean prison camp. He escaped from what is rumored to be the most atrocious prison camp in North Korea, Camp 1...

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...inging light to a new or an old issue. Books that a reader can easily become connected to are more likely to become classics, and that partially explains why so many memoirs are becoming classics.

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