Genocide In Iraq Needs Immediate U.S. Attention Essay

Genocide In Iraq Needs Immediate U.S. Attention Essay

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Genocide is the organized and widespread termination, or attempted execution of an entire national, racial, religious, or ethnic group ( Over 1 million Iraqi’s have been killed in genocide. Genocide in Iraq started in the year 1991, even though many people thought it started in 2003. It is important to think about this problem, because people need to know about the history, and about the struggles people have to endure to keep our country together. It is also important because people need to know what is happening in the world, as of today. The famous Sadaam Hussein is known all around the world for his vindictive acts, leading to genocide. Threats of killing a large number of people have impacted the U.S. and Iraq itself. Genocide in Iraq is a devastating issue that needs immediate U.S. attention.
There are so many obstacles in the world today, and genocide is one of the major problems. Why this act of cruelness does exist amongst the Iraqi people, and why does it involve the U.S.? An answer to that question is because the American government is harassing a peace group that takes medicine, and toys to dying children. 4,500 children die under an age of 5 each year (Noam Chomsky). That shows other countries that the U.S. is voracious Americans, and that people don’t care, but at the same time we have to help our country too. Without the help of America, children will continue to die. In October 2006, the Lancet published research by John Hopkins University in the U.S. and al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad which calculated that 65,000 Iraqi’s had died, as a result of the Anglo-American invasion (John Pilger). It is petrifying to think about the incalculable amounts of people killed, and the way they suff...

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...s and groups who deliver medicines and other supplies need to be careful of what they give to other countries. Some things that are distributed to other countries may result in the invention of nuclear weapons.
Consequently, Americans have to pay for the war in Iraq to end genocide. It seems that all the adversities in other countries always fall on the U.S. It shows that the U.S. is a strong nation. The cause of pollution has affected many of the children and it is a leading cause a death amongst them. What can America do for the people in need? The U.S. has done a lot in Iraq, but there is more to be accomplished. Iraq really reveals itself as being of a cruel nature because their people are fighting against the Americans. It is hysterical because Americans are trying to help Iraq. Genocide needs to be brought to attention in America, so that it can be solved.

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