The Genocide And Its Effects On The Rwandan Genocide Essay

The Genocide And Its Effects On The Rwandan Genocide Essay

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If ancient chaos/race were an actual reason for why the genocide occurred, the racial tensions of the Hutus and the Tutsis would have existed long before the genocide and colonization. This notion is supported by Robert Melson, author of “Modern Genocide in Rwanda”. Melson alludes to the fact that during precolonial Rwanda, the Hutus and the Tutsis lived fairly peacefully with one other. Melson demonstrates that if it were tribal chaos, it would have to involve disputes over “land, booty, and women”. Because that was not seen in precolonial Rwanda, it would be hard to attribute the genocide only to race and territory.
In order to further recognize how state power/ institutions, civilian mobilization, and war played significant roles in the Rwandan genocide, the methods that Scott Straus used in order to reach his conclusions need to be understood. When Straus chose to focus his research on Rwanda, he believed that the best way to do so would be through the lens of a social scientific approach. He conducted his research in three parts. His first research stage was a nationwide survey of the convicted perpetrators in the Rwandan prisons that pled guilty to their crimes. This allowed him to understand the dynamics of the participation and mobilization among the citizens. His second research stage was a micro-comparative study of the genocide dynamics in five different locations in Rwanda. The micro-comparative study helped him to gain insight on the variation of the civilian mobilization in different regions. It also helped him to understand the interactions at the national, regional, commune, and individual levels. His third research stage focused on the perpetrators of the genocide. It was during this stage that he intervi...

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...he national level, Straus found that there were four major political forces. They were the Hutu moderates, the Hutu hardliners, Tutsis rebels, and international actors. Straus’ focus with regards to the national and regional levels was to find evidence of malicious planning of the genocide, but he realized that it was evidence of contingency planning. The concept of a maliciously planned genocide may have been the differing factor between the Rwandan genocide with others such as the Holocaust. Robert Gellately, author of “The Third Reich”, argues how some of the main perpetrators of the Holocaust had meticulously planned the final solution. This connects with the Rwandan genocide because it demonstrates its distinctiveness from other mass murders. One feature that makes the Rwandan genocide unique is the amount of killing that happened in a period of four months.

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