The Genius Of The Wise English Scientist Essay

The Genius Of The Wise English Scientist Essay

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The work of Charles Darwin was the result of many hours of work, dedication, and persistence. The research also demanded from him time and personal sacrifices. It is true that great things are not done in the overnight. Thus, its success made him one of the best known scientific figures of all time. Indeed, very few have been men that have marked and changed the course of history of humanity, as it has done Charles Darwin (1809-1882). The genius of the wise English scientist was to try to explain, with lots of empirical data, the origin of man with his famous and bold theory that has earned huge critical and recognitions at once, even to this day.
In 1871, the naturalist, as it was called in those days to those that were devoted to the study of biology, already had published in 1859 his famous work called "The Origin of Species". Now, it tried to talk more specifically about the origin of man explicitly based on his theory of evolution and sexual selection in particular. It was not easy, so he had to have the support and help of the greatest scholars of the time. Someone who certainly marked his life was his grandfather Erasmus Darwin. He also received input from thinkers like John Stevens Henslow, William Paley, Sir John Herschel, and Alexander von Humboldt, among others. They all contributed in one way or another to nourish the thought of Darwin, either in the use of the scientific method and the development of his famous theory; and, it is that so extraordinary idea as was his, cannot be built without solid foundations.
In his book "The Origin of Man," Darwin began from the theory of evolution and natural selection to explain, the human evolution itself. Also, it based on sexual selection. This book is the beginning of the theo...

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...rwinian law as a pattern. Almost arithmetical algorithm of mutation facilitates the process of preventing global diseases or finding an appropriate treatment.
To sum it up, it should be mentioned that evolution is a continuous process. It is quite slow but involves all species in the nature. That is why, it is important to recognize that changing one species would influence the development of others. The Earth is like one big organism that needs care and support in order to give life to others. Evolution refers to the changes in a population or species through time. The process of natural selection is a “mechanism that drives evolutionary change”. Natural selection works by giving individuals who are better adapted to an environment an advantage over those who are not as well adapted. Natural selection allows them to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.

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