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The Genius of Taylor Swift
Taylor Allison Swift was born December 13th, 1989 to proud parents Scott Swift and Andrea Swift in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (Taylor Alison Swift). From a very young age Swift proved to be a talented young performer while performing at various fairs, exhibitions, and recitals. Her parents recognized her ambition and decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee in order to pursue her career as a country artist (Taylor Swift). After many trials she was finally signed to Big Machine Records in 2004 and became the youngest artist ever to sign with a Sony records label. Swift started out her professional career by practicing her song writing and attending school while making time to hang out with friends and family (Taylor Alison Swift). After two years of hard work Swift released her debut album Taylor Swift and her singles “Our Song”, “Tim McGraw”, “Picture To Burn”, and “Teardrops on My Guitar”, became hot songs in both the country world and the pop world which allowed Swift to access fans that usually did not mix between genres, permitting Swift to start her huge multi-genre fan base. Teardrops on My Guitar rose to number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, proving 13 to be Swift’s lucky number. With her first album release Swift was named the Nashville Songwriters Association’s Songwriter of the year and became the youngest artist to receive the award, something that would reoccur multiple times in the future.
Two years after her debut album release, Swift released Fearless, a personal favorite of mine, and the praise began to rain in. “Love Story” became the second best selling country single of all time and Swift would later win an award for the brilliantly directed music video. With the release of “White Horse” ...

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...n today’s school systems and advocated many different platforms to teenagers that normally wouldn’t be hear of. Her anti-bullying platform is amazing simply because she wrote a whole song about it; “Mean” and has won countless awards for her contributions to society. Overall Times magazine says it best, “Taylor Swift is someone that we all want our daughters and granddaughter to grow up to be like” which is why Taylor Swift will continue to be my favorite artist (Dickey, TPOTS).

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