Genital Mutilation in Somalia Essay

Genital Mutilation in Somalia Essay

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(childinfo 1-1) As you read this sentence, one girl is being genitally mutilated. In Somalia, roughly 96% of girls ages fifteen to nineteen are on the verge of being circumcised. Almost 99% of women from the age of thirty five to thirty nine are already circumcised. That startling statistic means that between 100 and 150 million women and girls have been subjected to such a practice.This practice is also known as female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM is the act of removing the clitoris of a woman. FGM is practiced in more than twenty eight countries in Africa and is the cause of death in many young girls and women. FGM is also found in countries on the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East, and in East Asia. Nearly two million girls ages four to twelve are at risk of being mutilated every year. (Adam 1-1) The reason why this procedure is so dangerous is because it is generally performed by individuals with no medical background or training. These procedures are extremely excruciating for women and can cause irreparable damage. Women who are genitally mutilated are prone to miscarriages, have trouble with menstruation and can contract various infections. Many women who are unwillingly mutilated can also become infertile. If they do get pregnant, the child’s delivery would most likely be a cesarean. Post birth complications might include life risking issues like postpartum haemorrhage, which is basically a huge loss of blood after giving birth or getting a cesarean. When being circumcised, girls are exposed to unsterile conditions and anesthesia is rarely used to perform the procedure. Inexperienced, elderly women with no medical training use unsterilized razors, broken glass, tin lids, knives, and even scissors to cut the ...

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