Essay on Genetics : An Annotated Bibliography

Essay on Genetics : An Annotated Bibliography

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Genetics: An Annotated Bibliography
Zachos, Elaina. "We Can Now Tell a Person 's Age Range From Crime Scene Blood." National Geographic. National Geographic Society, 29 June 2016. Web. 01 July 2016.
In her article “We Can Now Tell a Person’s Age Range from Crime Scene Blood”, Elaina Zachos describes a new discovery in crime forensics. At the State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany, chemists have discovered a method of determining a person’s age range by using a blood sample. The method involves determining the levels of alkaline phosphate (ALP), an enzyme that can be found in blood, present in the blood sample. Since active bone growth releases high levels of ALP in teens, researchers believe that they will be able to distinguish teens from adults. As you reach adulthood, the levels of alkaline phosphate in your blood began to fall.

To do this, the chemists added differing levels of ALP to human serum, a substance that mimics human blood. They let sample with higher levels of ALP represent young adults and the samples with lower levels of ALP represent older adults. The researchers used a method called biocatalytic assay which finds a specific chemical that is made by the enzyme’s behavior. They used this method to identify levels of ALP which in turn identifies the age group. With the success of almost 100 percent, they were able to determine the ALP levels and age ranges of each test sample.
Snow, Kat. "Families Isolated By Rare Genetic Conditions Find New Ways To Reach Out." NPR. NPR, 05 June 2016. Web. 01 July 2016.
In her article “Families Isolated by Rare Genetic Conditions Find New Ways to Reach Out”, Snow considers the case of Milo Lorentzen, a man with a very rare gene mutation called KDM1A. Milo’s body ...

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...gly disapprove of using genetics to create “designer babies” with increased intelligence or improved physical appearance. He also highlights the mix supports of Americans for researching prebirth gene editing and other new genetic technologies. Other poll results showed that people strongly approved of the use of genetic editing to treat disease in children and adults, Begley reports. He points out that this poll is taking place at a critical time for scientist and policy makers, as they grapple with many issues surrounding the ethics of gene editing that the legal society faces. Begley states that due to a technique called CRISPR-Cas9, scientists have an increased ability to modify or repair genes. Due to the overwhelming lack of support for prenatal gene editing even for diseases, Begley infers that this may be a result of a lack of knowledge about the technique.

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