Essay about Genetically Modified Plants And Animals

Essay about Genetically Modified Plants And Animals

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The chemicals found in genetically modified plants and animals can cause humans to suffer from severe health complications related to allergens. When genes are transferred between organisms, plants and animals have the ability to be given DNA from other organisms that are known to trigger allergic reactions in certain people. Due to the foreign strands of DNA in plant and animal produce, people who suffer from allergies risk a deathly allergic reaction whenever they eat genetically modified foods that aren 't clearly labeled with the new DNA from other organisms (Longman). In one brand of genetically modified soybean, a Brazil nut gene was transferred to the soybean plant and triggered allergic reactions in people affected by the Brazil nut allergy (Charman). Although this line of soy was not released to the public because of how certain bodies responded to the foreign gene, the ability of other altered crops to trigger allergic reaction still remains. The other problem with genetically altered soy is that once allowed lines of soy became available to the U.K. public, "soy allergies skyrocketed by 50 per cent" (Smith). All of these people who endure negative effects from genetically modified soy allergies suffer because the foreign, allergy causing genes put into soy plants transfer to bacteria in human stomachs where they continue to be made (Smith).
Not only do genetically modified organisms affect people with allergies, but they can have serious health effects on children as well as adults. Scientists studying how genetically modified organisms affect the health of children have, "recently found that the insecticide in GE corn is now showing up in our bloodstream and the umbilical cord blood of pregnant women" (Priesnitz). Ex...

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... suffer from allergies are put at an increased risk of an allergic reaction because of the genes swapped between produce. The negativity of GMOs continues as the finances of farmers are challenged by the sky-rocketing prices of genetically modified seeds provided by industry leaders: Monsanto Co. and DuPont Co. Many individuals who are looking to avoid genetically modified produce and meats are attacked with the high prices of organic foods as more farmers switch to genetically altered seeds and the supply of organic produce decreases. Scientists and researchers believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to try and avoid consuming GMOs or at least attempt to lower GMO consumption. Several large companies, organizations, and many individuals are trying to spread GMO awareness and make it easier for consumers to drop genetically modified produce from their diets.

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