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Genetically Modified Organisms Or Gmos Essay

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Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs are a big ticket issue in science. A vast amount of research and funding has gone into this fairly new field of study, and as with any new scientific field, as knowledge and skill increases, so does public awareness, leading to either support or protest. It is likely that most people have seen somewhere on their food a label bearing a seal branding it as “Certified organic” and “non-GMO”. These labels have created an icon associated with negative public branding. In a study reported by The Non-GMO project, 93% of Americans are concerned about GMOs in their food (What is GMO, 2016). It is clear that the majority know about GMOs in the context of their food, however, they may not be as aware of GMO’s in the context of animals and medicine. The general public knowledge relating to animal-related GMOs has likely been influenced by animal rights organizations, leaving a generally negative view of genetically engineered animals. However, the study of genetically engineered animals has led to recent significant medical breakthroughs and likely will continue to do so. While there are undeniable negative points of genetic alteration, the good that could come from this field, specifically through gene therapy, and human therapeutics, and the potential to further research into curing human diseases through the study of genetically modified organisms, is something that should not be ignored as this field of science has the potential to bring great insight and medical progress into the world.
Gene therapy is one of the fields of genetic modification that could lead to major medical developments. Gene therapy is a technique that knocks out old or damaged genes in humans and replaces them with new genes, ...

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...scientists can monitor specific cells and genes, which will hopefully one day lead to breakthroughs in the study of HIV (Wongsrikeao, Saenz, Ringkoski, Otoi, & Poeschla, 2011). Other animals like pigs, rabbits, mice, and fruit flies have also undergone this procedure, with great success.
There is so much potential that lies in the field of genetically modified organisms, including the potential to cure devastating and possibly terminal diseases like Huntington 's, Alzheimer 's, ALS, and even cancer. Gene therapy and human therapeutics seem to be the future of medicine, and these fields can most easily be explored through the study of genetically modified animals. This important topic should not be ignored and its research should be supported, and as research and awareness of its benefits increases, one can hope that its use in treating serious disease will as well.

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