Essay about Genetically Modified Organisms and the Monsanto Company

Essay about Genetically Modified Organisms and the Monsanto Company

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Monsanto: A Legacy or Tragedy?
Like most companies starting out, Monsanto had an idea to change the world. An idea to help farmers and consumers alike. The idea was revolutionary, to create and plant genetically modified seeds, grains, and other materials used to produce food. Monsanto had promised that they would cure world hunger using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). An idea that was very promising, until the company gained power and money. Today Monsanto is one of the leading producers of GMO’s and bio-technology. Monsanto has become known as “most evil corporations on our planet.” (Adams) What happened to the innovative idea of changing the world? Monsanto’s new idea is to consume, steal, and lie to the public of the true tragedy that has forcefully taken over our homes.
Genetically Modified Organism’s, it was a ground-breaking idea, but also the downfall of Monsanto. GMO’s were presented in the early 1990’s, the idea was to help everyday farmers that struggle with famines, harsh weather conditions, and production. The process was to genetically alter the bio-chemical mak...

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