Genetically Modified Organisms And Food Essay

Genetically Modified Organisms And Food Essay

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Genetically Modified Organisms/Food
Matthew Low
ID# 88178871
Public Health 1
Spring 2015
Dr. Zuzana Bic

Public Health Problem
A genetically modified organism is an organism whose DNA has been altered through genetic engineering for a more beneficial result. Genetic engineering allows for selective insertion of beneficial genes as well as selective deletion of disadvantageous genes. This process is completely different from the natural selective breeding process in which random segments of wanted and unwanted DNA to move between the same species when producing an offspring. Since this process is less efficient and more time consuming, the simplicity and ease of genetic engineering is favored. Genetic engineering is simple since the favored gene can be cut out of another organism’s DNA, grown in bacteria to make multiple copies of the DNA segment, then put into the organism of interest to now allow this organism to grow with the favorable gene. Examples of favorable genes are resistance genes, genes that help the organism grow, and any other gene that can be beneficial to the organism in their respective environment. Although many organisms have been modified, the organism that gets the most attention to modifications in society are crops.

Genetically modified foods occur all over the world. Some countries require that the modified foods be labeled as such but others do not require any such labeling. The reason genetically modified foods are so popular around the world are the economic and environmental benefits behind it. Genetically modified foods can be modified for increased crop yields, less pesticide use, better food quality, and resistance to insects (Phillips, 2008). All these benefits le...

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