Genetically Modified Organisms Affect on Agriculture Essay

Genetically Modified Organisms Affect on Agriculture Essay

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Genetic Engineering in agriculture has became a very controversial topic in the
past years, although it is beneficial to both the consumer as well as the producer. The use of genetic engineering is seen as a very controversial topic because of the enviromnmental groups who speak out against the use of genetically engineered products in industry as well as the consumer market. Genetic engineering in agriculture has the potential to change the industry worldwide. The increased production of these genetically engineered varietes can be utilized in order to solve many of the issues that the world is beginning to face today. They can be used to resolve our issues associated with the growing population of our world in the coming years by helping to feed the world at an economical price point while conserving nature through the increased yield per acre or animal. Many of the varieties that are being developed for their use as crops and food can also be adopted for the biofuel industry to solve the worlds growing reliance on fossil fuels.
The ability to use biotechnology in order to crossbreed diverse forms of life has had a profound impact on agriculture around the world. The two main reasons for the use genetic engineering in plants is in order to develop traits for herbicide tolerance as well as to make the plants form natural pesticides. One of the first genetically engineered crop which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was the Flavr-Savr tomato in 1994 (Parmalee 47). The Flavr-Savr tomato utilizes genetic engineering to add a gene that would slow the break down of the cellular walls once picked so that they would stay firmer for longer on the supermarket shelves.
The benefits that are available through the us...

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