Genetically Modified Organism ( Gmo ) Essay

Genetically Modified Organism ( Gmo ) Essay

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GMO Report
Christopher Thomas Watts

GMO. Genetically modified organism (GMO), is an organism with modified genetic material. This had been done with genetic engineering techniques. These are generally created from DNA of bacteria, plants, animals or viruses. There are pros and cons about GMO.

Many GMO plants are very well known to be manufactured to be able to fight or kill insects and pests. There are no GMOs that can resist droughts and increase nutrition.

There are large countries see GMO as not safe at all and that they bring big risks. There are some countries that have restrictions on GMOs and others have completely banned genetically modified crops.

How can GMO be used help solve problems?
GMO has been put into action in shops such as Coles and IGA. However this has happened very quickly. This can bring the risk of the products not %100 safe for human use.
But GM plants and crops still have their strengths in solving problems. For example, there are non-GM crops that are affected by pests, this kills the crops and is a huge problem for farmers. GM crops though are able to kill the pests, this makes more chance for the crops to survive and be put into use.

How do plants and crops get modified genetically?
Plants and crops can be modified genetically in different ways. They are decently basic and are not very difficult to do if you have the scientific equipment.
The first technique is to use a micro particle gun. This shoots tiny particles of DNA previously collected into the cells of the plant or crop.
The second way, also known as an easier way, is to cross breed the two subjects, attempting to make the best offspring. It is known as genetically modifying.

The scientist that study biotechnology, creat...

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