Genetically Modified Foods: The Future of Food Essay

Genetically Modified Foods: The Future of Food Essay

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Are genetically modified foods a step in the right direction? Many people automatically retort with a resounding “No!” when asked this question, believing that these newfangled foods are unnatural and therefore, unsafe. They cringe at the thought of the so-called “frankenfoods” that are packed with chemicals and mutated DNA. However, genetically engineered foods are quite the opposite. Bio-engineering is used to make foods more nutritious by combining the best aspects of each individual plant. These crops are also remarkably safe because many plants are modified to be naturally pest repellant, making pesticides and harsh chemicals a thing of the past. In addition, genetically engineered foods create a solution to the problem of feeding a growing population while also boosting the economy and creating a multitude of new jobs.
So, what exactly are genetically modified foods? According to a 2002 Michigan State University Food Laws and Regulations course, they can be defined as, “Plants, animals, and microorganisms which have had DNA introduced into them by means other than by combination of an egg and a sperm or by natural bacterial conjugation.” (The regulation of genetic modifications, 2002). Essentially, scientists speed up the selective breeding process by shifting genes from one plant into another. Genes with an immense array of desirable attributes are accurately transferred to make an organism healthier, resistant to infections, or repellant to pests. These new genetic combinations are also known to escalate yields, growing conditions, growing pace, resistance, and endurance to climate (The regulation of genetic modifications, 2002). These genes are even transported between plants and animals in special circumstan...

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