Genetically Modified Foods : The Environment And Puts Human Health At Risk

Genetically Modified Foods : The Environment And Puts Human Health At Risk

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A genetically modified crop is a plant whose D.N.A has been altered through genetic en-gineering methods in order to introduce a new trait to a plant species not already in the plants original building block. (GMO) is harmful to the environment and puts human health at risk.

Due to climate change and overpopulation foods have been introduced into the global marketplace that has been genetically modified by altering the plants original D.N.A to make the plant more drought resistance, pest resistance or give it added nutritional benefits. This action creates food for human consumption that in is unsafe for the environment and puts human health at risk.
Some familiar genetically modified foods that we consume daily have been in production for years they are corn, soybean, and potatoes. As researchers look for ways to continue the food supply in the United States and around the world, due to population growth, and unpredictable weather patterns, researcher are hoping genetically modified foods will be the solution to the demands of food shortages now and for generations to come.
Predominant techniques for plant transformation utilizes introduction of DNA into a plant cell with no concern for its definitive intercellular location (Liang, 2004, p. 4). This intro-duction then pinpoints its desired location accidentally, afterwards the DNA is combined into the chromosomal “(or organelle)” DNA, by an undefined recombination process.
However there is an exception to the process Agrobacterium mediated transformation, which delivers the DNA specifically into the nuclear compartment with high efficiency. Addi-tionally providing a mechanism for its integration (Liang, 2004, p. 4). There is some natural ob-stacles during the pl...

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There is regulation on how to ensure the correct amount of D.N.A. is being transferred to the plant, and that during the mutation and cultivation process that the offspring being used to grow these plants contain the correct nutrients, allergens, or toxins. What happens to consume raw food like tomatoes or fruit and how does it react to the bacteria that already exist in the hu-man body. Some GMO have been proven to have bacteria that are resistant to the bacteria found in the human digestive tract once some raw foods are digested by humans it can cause upset stomach or even ulcers.
There is a large amount humans with various food allergies what happens if someone eats a food that has been genetically modified with a particular allergen like those with nut allergy that consume a bean that was crossed with a nut, those individual can experience a severe allergic

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