Essay on Genetically Modified Foods on the Shelves of American Grocery Stores

Essay on Genetically Modified Foods on the Shelves of American Grocery Stores

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We all like to enjoy a nice cold glass of milk with some chocolate chip cookies or juicy corn on the cob at a family barbeque. However, many of us do not know what we are truly consuming. This is due to the fact that genetically modified foods are not required to be labeled on the everyday foods that we consume. Now this leaves to question, “Who cares if food is genetically modified, it does not affect me.” Well if we take a deeper look into what genetically modified foods are and how they are affecting our society, we realize that we are in big trouble. If our society does not bring more attention to genetically modified foods, they will have an immeasurable negative affect on human health, the American economy, and our environment.
So what are genetically modified foods (GMO’s)? Genetically modified foods are the practice of changing and altering the genetic make-up of living organisms and microorganisms. Scientist have started “randomly inserting together the genes of non-related species- utilizing viruses, antibiotic-resistant genes, and bacteria as vectors, markers, and promoters-permanently alter(ing) their genetic codes” (Cummins). It is claimed that this biotechnology is necessary to feed the world and keep the farming industry and community sustainable. However, what does not come to light is how these foods have the potential to affect our health without us even knowing about it.
Currently, there are more than 48 genetically modified foods that are being produced and put on the shelves of American grocery stores. This includes soybeans, corn, potatoes, squash, canola oil, papaya, tomatoes, and dairy products to name a few. The problem is that these products are unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Dr. Michael Antoni...

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Huff, Ethan A. "Don't Believe the Lie: Organic Farming CAN Feed the World." 2012. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 17 Apr. 2014.

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