Genetically Modified Foods Good or Bad?: Essay

Genetically Modified Foods Good or Bad?: Essay

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What if people could create an organism that was stronger than it was previously? More resistance to diseases, poisons, and that could thrive in a hostile environment? That is what scientist are creating with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism) but mostly with plants that farmers produce for food such as corn or soybeans. Scientist can create modified organism when they pick an organism (such as corn) and then have certain changes introduced into their DNA using genetic engineering. It is different from breeding because instead of getting random genes, scientists are putting the desired gene directly into the plants’ DNA. Genetically modified foods are a controversial topic throughout most of the country but most Americans would be very surprised to hear that more than ninety percent of corn and soybeans are genetically modified and that more than sixty percent of Americans did not know that they have consumed a modified food, “There is no safety hazard in using genetically modified soybean oil over conventional soybean oil” (Jacobson 7). Why change the food in the first place, changing the plant so it could be more resistance to drought or pest that can harm the plant has obvious benefits that we can use and because of that modified foods are beneficial to society. To begin there are many positives to making plants more resistance to herbicides.
For those that do not know herbicides are used to kill off weeds that would otherwise steal the nutrients from the crop plants. As with many things in nature repeated use of herbicides builds up resistance in the weed that it passes on to their offspring that means more herbicide has to be used to kill the weed. Since farmers are using more herbicides the cost goes up for them and als...

... middle of paper ...

...eless that could be helped as well. Also modified foods could be able to produce more jobs and help ourselves economically. For those who are against or even on the fence, look at all the facts and many will see just how positive modified foods are for everyone.

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