Genetically Modified Foods ( Gmos ) Essay

Genetically Modified Foods ( Gmos ) Essay

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GMO Labeling: The Consumers Right to Know
Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) have been around since the 1990s, and a vast majority of the food products that American consumers buy contain GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are made by changing their genetic make-up by inserting, or deleting genes, mutation, and genetic engineering. However, a large number of people are unaware that they purchase these products on a daily basis and feed themselves and their families with lab created food. With the potentially hazardous environmental effects coupled with the possibility of health risk, we should all have the choice of whether or not we chose to purchase and consume these products by properly labeling them as a GMO food product.
While GMOs created in an effort to help farmers with their crops by providing extra resistance to pesticides, weather, and environmental conditions. In addition, genetically engineered and modified organisms were also in another effort to help produce bigger crops at a faster rate in order to help keep up with the world’s population and its demand on the food supply. A large number of farmers are now starting to see that bugs and weeds are becoming resistant to the pesticides and herbicides and new forms of superbugs and super weeds are now showing up in farmer’s fields across the country. This has all happened over the twenty year span of the creation of GMOs.
In addition, scientists become more worried about the world’s pollinators, the honeybees. According to the authors of “Transgenic Virus Resistance In Cultivated Squash Affects Pollinator Behaviour,” published in 2009, pollinators account for one third of the production of the world’s food supply. They have also concluded that further testing nee...

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...ronmental organizations. It is opposed by powerful agribusiness and biotechnology companies, such as multinational corporations Monsanto and Dow, as well as major grocers, retailers, chambers of commerce, and non-organic food growers (“California”).
Mandatory labeling of all food products that contain any form of GMO will give consumers the freedom of choice. They will know whether the food they are eating came at the risk of causing hazardous effects on the environment. It will also allow people to become more aware of what they are buying in their local stores. Although Monsanto is afraid that the label will be a warning label and might drive business away, it will allow the consumer to decide whether or not they want to participate in what is now the largest human experiment and subject their selves to the possibilities of unforeseen and known health risks.

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