Genetically Modified Foods For Their Consumers Essays

Genetically Modified Foods For Their Consumers Essays

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What does Genetically Modified means, It means a derived from an organism DNA which has been altered or created by a scientist.This engineering is not by nature nor natural.The Genetically modified organism Foods can cause health and environmental problems. There has been many controversy about Genetically modified organism foods because of the unnatural ways of producing foods for their consumers.
Genetically Modified foods was first used in California 1994 by the Food and Drugs Administration. The food and Drugs Administration wanted to know if GMO foods were safe for people to consume. Their first experiment was the tomato called the “Flavr Savr.” The tomato purpose was not for it to get rotten and decaying rapidly.The tomatoes did not have any label as an GMO foods for consumer to be aware and they were very expensive. Since the “Flavr Savr” tomatoes wasn’t profitable, the stores send the GMO tomatoes to Europe where they puree the tomatoes. In 1998, a doctor from Aberdeen, Scotland published a research on how he made an genetically modified potatoes. This doctor injected an insecticide from a snowdrop plant. This plant is very dangerous to the rats. Moreover in 1999, GMO crops were engineered to be “resistant to the “Herbicides” which indeed capture the uncover effects of crops on farmland wildlife (New England Journal Of Medicine, Pg.693,8). Nevertheless, people were not happy because potential danger to the crops and cross-pollination for the bees who would not be able to pollinate and make honey. Technology have advanced for genetic modified organism foods but the controversy still going on today about how 10.3 million farmers planted 252 million acres of “transgenic crops in 22 countries. Countries such as Paragua...

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...ered if it is right to mixed nature and science by altering. Is this ethical? Animals therefore can be stressed by the unnatural ways of life. The compromised of our food production is being an ethical situation. “The ethicality of labeling foods as genetically modified is a hot topic. However, labeling foods in the United States is not mandatory. This is why genetically modified organism foods is a controversial problem.
Genetically modified foods was a idea to improve productivity and sell at a profit but over times, genetically modified organism foods bring problems and the choice to improve people 's lives. Nevertheless, the government do show concern because of regulations and side effects on human and the ecology. These issues brings about health problems and therefore, genetic modification is a controversially issues that is talked about worldwide.

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