Essay on Genetically Modified Food And Its Effects On The Environment

Essay on Genetically Modified Food And Its Effects On The Environment

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GMOs have their pros and cons, but in terms of their effects on biodiversity, the technology is almost solely negative in how it affects the environment. Genetically modified food can damage agriculture as it allows for less restraint on chemical usage which leads to stronger weeds and weaker soil. The crops can easily spread their genetically modified genome through the wind. GMOs damage living organisms by making nasty insects stronger and vital insects weaker. GM foods are correlated with the decline in mammal and bird health and the introduction of GM animals like salmon poses a threat to the ecosystem of wild fish. GMOs can also bear consequences in terms of genetic pollution and alteration through contamination and mutation to adaptation to evolution to species extinction. Indeed, some claims are not well supported and may require testing, like genetic alteration through consumption or the validity of correlating animal health deficits with GM feeds. However, overall, GM foods clearly affect the world negatively in terms of biodiversity and ecosystem impacts.
With all of the controversy surrounding GMO foods: health versus biodiversity; benefits versus dangers; pros versus cons, a topic that always arises is the subject of labeling. Labeling has been a matter of discussion for years and surprisingly, it is an hot debate that is still full of life. In the labeling argument, big organizations that oppose labeling claim that mandatory labels would increase costs. Supporters of labels, meanwhile, argue in favor of the consumers’ right to know about just what it is that they are consuming. The debate about cost over right to know seems to be what fuels the persistent war between the supporters and the opponents of labeling. Whil...

... middle of paper ... must change. Approached correctly, GMOs have the potential to be one of the most impactful innovations in all of human history. Mankind should attempt to find solutions to the problems associated with GMOs while maintaining their benefits. Ideas like mandatory labeling, programs to increase awareness and more education on GMOs are solutions that can help inform the millions of people that, for the most part, barely even comprehend the technology. GMOs are revolutionary, but they also carry side effects. More people need to be made aware, more extensive and unbiased research must be conducted and more must be invested to make this technology benefit consumers over corporations. GMOs are still a new scientific endeavor and they still have a long way to go, but given the proper resources and attention that they deserve, GMOs are fully suited for changing the world.

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