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Genetically Modified Crops Essay

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This paper will examine the quote ‘genetically modified crops will provide a long lasting solution to world hunger’. It will provide detailed arguments for and against the statement and identify other areas, which, when worked in unison could provide a long term solution to world hunger. In order to understand the quotation for the purpose of this paper genetically modified is defined as ‘containing genetic material that has been artificially altered so as to produce a desired characteristic’ (Oxford Dictionaries, 2009, p593) and hunger will be defined as ‘feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by a lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat’ (Oxford Dictionaries, 2009, 593).
The paper will begin with a brief outline of world hunger, providing the reader with an insight into the extent of this phenomenon. We will hear how hunger takes the lives of six million children every year due to malnutrition, broken down further to the stark reality of one child dying every five seconds (FAO, 2005, p.50). We will also see how hunger has become part of a cycle of events, all of which has an effect upon one another and it is this cycle of events which it could be argued should be dealt with as first priority. Moving forward we will discuss the arguments for and against the use of genetically modified crops and their use and/or ability to provide a long lasting solution to this problem. We will hear how many governments are promoting GM crops as a response to hunger claiming that such technologies improve the production and nutrition of food whilst causing no harm to the environment (Wijeratina, 2003). Wijeratina writing for Action Aid will further argue that hunger can only be addressed by first dealing with poverty and in order to do ...

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