Essay on Genetically Modified Crops : A Negative Impact On The Environment

Essay on Genetically Modified Crops : A Negative Impact On The Environment

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The genetically modified crop has a negative impact to the environment because Bacillus thuringiensis are affecting the untargeted organism, more pesticides and herbicides are being used, usage of the antibiotic marker has a negative impact on organism and changes done to DNA won 't form normal compound plant and also result in loss of nutrition.
Genetically modified crops are plants that have artificial genetic material created in the laboratory. Gene from another species is extracted and added onto the gene of the plant. The extracted gene can be from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. This process is called Genetic Engineering. Since the progress involves transferring of the gene it can also be referred to as transgenic organisms. Genetic engineering has a positive and negative impact on the environment.
Some believe that genetically modified crops aren 't doing any harm to the environment because manipulating plants isn 't a new topic in the framing industry. Cross-breeding has been around for a long time, way before they even knew about genes. Cross breeding is mating plants of different species to produce hybridized plant. The main goal of cross breeding is to obtain certain desirable traits in the hybridized plant. The problem with cross breeding is it can take up to 8 to 12 years to produce the better hybrid. The results are also very unpredictable but through genetically modification, it 's much faster and also more precise. Another huge advantage of the genetically modified plant is it can transfer traits between unrelated species. Through genetic modification, one can transfer a gene from cacti which promote drought resistance into corn and then that corn now can survive through drought because of that ...

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...nti-nutritional effects.
In conclusion, using GMO plants has many effect toward the environment, many non- targeted organism are affected by Bt toxin like monarch butterflies, Bt is transferred into soil and affecting organism living in the soil, usage of pesticides and herbicides aren 't reduced, Usage of antibiotic in the food has form antibiotic resistance in organism and changes done to DNA is not forming normal plant compound and there is loss of nutrition in the plant. Genetically modified seed has selected traits that can result in higher yield. American farmers are a commercial farmer and they produce their crops for profit. The only thing these framers care about is the amount of profit they made that season or that year. Something these farmers aren 't seeing is how much harm these genetically modified crops are doing to the environment for the long run.

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