Essay Genetically Corn And Its Effects On The Environment

Essay Genetically Corn And Its Effects On The Environment

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Similarly, in another study, authors Dunfield and Germida (2004), mention, “Transgenic Bt corn was found to release a Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal endotoxin from its roots. The novel proteins have the opportunity to interact with the soil microbial community throughout the growing season. “ (p. 807). The GM crops containing Bt are the crops as mentioned earlier that the Monsanto Company (2015) claims “are genetically engineered to carry the Bt trait to allow farmers to protect their crops while significantly decreasing the amount of pesticides sprayed” however, they do not mention that there is the potential to harm microbial communities. Within both of these studies, GM crops have been seen as posing a threat to the overall soil ecosystem in which they are gown. If the microbial community and nutrient processes are unable to function in their natural state this can affect the agricultural landscape that relies on the soil for production.
Many individuals are also concerned with the effects that GM crops may have on biodiversity. Since Monsanto’s genes are found in 80% of all corn and 95% of all soy grown in the United States, there is the potential that these crops may be a risk to other species. (Cummins et al, 2013). According to Gonzalez (2006), “ GM crops might transfer transgenes conferring herbicide resistance or insect resistance to other plants which could then become superweeds immune to herbicides or to insect predators. “ (p. 24). This becomes problematic because superweeds are seen as uncontrollable weeds, which then results in the use of more herbicides in order for farmers to get rid of these weeds (Vidal, 2011). Vidal (2011), also mentions “ Ten common weeds have now developed resistance in at least 22 US ...

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... test whether or not allergens will be triggered. Those who have severe food allergies are at risk, however most individuals are not even aware that they are consuming GM food (Altieri, 2004, p. 30). Within various states throughout the Untied States, there are no regulations present that claim GM food must be labeled. Monsanto states, “ We also support food companies’ choices to voluntarily label food products noting certain attributes.” (Monsanto Company, 2015). They also claim that their products are safe, but humans have the right to know if what they are consuming is genetically modified because of the numerous studies that have found potential risks. Mercola (2014) explains that Monsanto spends millions of dollars to defeat GMO labeling, but instead of spending this money they should be using it towards ensuring the safety of the environment and human health.

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