Essay on Genetically And Genetically Modified Foods

Essay on Genetically And Genetically Modified Foods

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Thousands of people have become very sick from eating genetically modified foods. Some people have suffered from temporary stomach aches as a result of poor digestion while other cases are more serious. The more serious cases involve hospitalization from severe stomach infections and permanent incurable diseases from the messed up genetically modified food. A few people have even died from eating poisonous genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods make up about 80% of food in America. Genetically modified foods are unsafe to eat, harmful to the environment, and cause socio-economic hazards.
Genetically modifying foods is a common practice for the food industry and basically any organism is able to be genetically modified. Plants, bacteria, animals, and microorganisms are all able to be genetically engineered. Some examples of commonly genetically altered foods are: corn, soybean, dairy, sugar, aspartame, canola, zucchini, and yellow squash. Transferring or rearranging genes in an organism to enhance the organism or another organism is genetic engineering. The organism’s genes that are altered through recombinant DNA is a genetically modified organism or also known as a GMO. The recombination of genes can be accomplished by switching genes from one organism to another or just by rearranging the genes in one organism. Scientists genetically engineer plants and organisms because it allows them to enhance a desired trait that is not in the gene pool. It also allows plants to breed faster. The transferring of genes from plant to plant or organism to organism can be compared to a cut-and-paste process. A desired gene in an organism 's genome, which is a full set of chromosomes, can be cut out, transferred to the prefer...

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...herbicide as they want on crops and only destroy the weeds. Herbicide-resistant crops account for 80% of all genetically engineered crops in the year 2000. Herbicide-resistant pests and weeds could emerge. “Superweeds” are already emerging. They can become immune to the pesticides used to kill them. This will create problems for farmers who will not be able to handle the increased number of “superpests” and “superpests” (Cummins, Ronnie).
Genetically modified foods do have the potential to endanger people’s health and the environment. The methods for manually genetically engineering foods can accidently create new toxic bacteria. The new, toxic bacteria will be transferred into the food humans consume and digest. Not only are genetically modified foods harmful to human health, they cause socio-economic hazards, damage food quality and they damage the environment.

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