Genetically Altering Our Future Essay

Genetically Altering Our Future Essay

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In the past it has been observed that ethical standpoints and community ideals have major impacts on scientific discoveries and research of the time; with current ethical standards to be met, newer medical innovations are put to the test, and examined to see if they are morally correct and should be performed. One of the most controversial and debated forms of research is work done regarding the modification and alteration of the mammalian—specifically human—genome. Tremendous advancements in understanding the human genome trace back to Gregor Mendel’s cross breeding of pea plants, and have delved even deeper with the Human Genome project. While the research into recombinant DNA, introducing gene sequencing into originally created DNA strands in orders that would not occur naturally, has gone on for over thirty years, the societal disagreements and disdain towards the idea of cloning and other ‘morally corrupt’ forms of genetic alteration have raised many ethical, religious, and safety-type questions to be considered. These questions and inquires have resulted in a limited amount of federal grants being dedicated towards this growing industry. Unfortunately, this has been detrimental in the uncovering of significant discoveries that could lead to an extinction of lethal diseases and health problems forever. Human genetic engineering should become a more widely researched and explored practice because possible applications of the findings could uncover the causes, and cures, of many diseases and disabilities, essentially improving the lives of humans everywhere across the globe.
Phenotypic modification has taken place since the Roman times; although the specifics and the scientific applications of artificial selection were not of...

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