Genetic Modification : Genetically Modified Peaches Essay examples

Genetic Modification : Genetically Modified Peaches Essay examples

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Genetic modification of plants has occurred for hundreds of years, as farmers want to improve yields and decrease disease resistance. Genetic modification can be done by different methods including cross breeding, selection, and hybridization (Facts about GMOs). This can take a long time and can require many decades of work. Examples of common foods produced through these ways include nectarines which are genetically modified peaches. Some benefits of this genetic engineering in agriculture include reduced need for pesticides, increased nutrient composition, reduced costs for food or drug production, resistance to pests and disease, as well as some medication production (Phillips 1). In the 1990s, genetic modification techniques moved to a more molecular method that is referred to as transgenic technology. Transgenic technology involves the introduction of an advantageous genetic trait into a plant or animal by the direct transfer of a gene or other method that expresses that trait (Facts about GMOs). The production of corn varieties resistant to some insects, and soybeans resistant to common herbicides are examples of current transgenic technology (Facts about GMOs).
Few realize what the phrase, “GMO free”, on their box from the grocery store actually means. Genetically modified organisms, commonly referred to as GMOs, are typically plants or animals that have been modified in various ways to become a more beneficial or economical organism. “Genetically modified technology has been around for the past twenty years, and today, seventy to eighty percent of the foods we eat in the United States, both at home and away from home, contain ingredients that have been genetically modified.” (Facts about GMOs) GMOs are a huge ...

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...ed immunosorbent assay and lateral flow strips (Ahmed 215). New methods of detection include infrared spectrometry. Even with the various testing methods, it is not one hundred percent reliable. Small samples are taken from bushels of the plant and are then tested. It is impossible to test the entire population of plant so those concerned with the amount of GMOs in a product, cannot completely trust the results. Some GMO plants could have gotten into non GMO plants and not been part of the sample that was tested. It should be known that GMOs are extremely common in our foods, especially in the United States. Mircobiologist, Farid Ahmed, says that, “at least sixty percent of food products in US supermarkets contain genetically modified organisms” (215). The stigma associated with these products could ultimately devastate economies and the field of agriculture.

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