Essay about The Genetic Heritage Of A Child Can Affect Our Future

Essay about The Genetic Heritage Of A Child Can Affect Our Future

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There are approximately three billion base pairs in the human genome, which serve as the blueprint for life. DNA is responsible for the formation of proteins and forms the structure of any living organism. Moreover, DNA lays the basic framework for both physiological and psychological processes. Although the humans are 99.5 percent genetically similar to one another, there is still great diversity amongst us. This sparked new questions in early scientists as to what exactly made us so different from each other. The results of Studies done on identical twins raised in different environment, was the basis of the nature versus nurture debate. Our genes or nature, are not the only things that defines who we are. Our environment or nurture also plays an important part in it. Our nature and our nurture both affect our future, but what effect do they play on each other, and can their effect on each other be applied to the likelihood of criminality?
The genetic heritage of a child can affect his environment if, the nurture he receives is provided by the same parents from which he receives his genes. This can predict something about their environment, as parents with high IQ or tendency toward aggression will pass on those genes and are most likely to raise their child in an environment that stimulate these genes. The environment a child is raised in plays the opposite role on his genetics. Raising a child in an environment provided by a different parent than those he received his genes from, will most likely keep these genes dormant. If a child with high IQ genes is raised by parents with tendency toward aggression, this child high IQ genes will remain dormant.
To better understand the interaction between heredity and environment, think o...

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... isolation.
In conclusion, both Norman and Lou were placed on a reaction range by their inherited genetics, however the environment provided for them kept some genes dormant and expressed others. Norman developed an identity disorder and Lou developed a sexual disorder, two disorders that could have remained dormant if not for the severe psychological trauma they received at a young age. The traits for these disorders were inherited from their parents, and the environment provided by the same parents triggered the expression of these disorders.
Additionally, neither Lou nor Norman received professional help and never learned to cope with the psychological trauma that they experienced at a young age, which prompted Lou to murder whoever looked like his caretaker and Norman to murder his mother and take on her persona since she is the only person he ever really knew.

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