Genetic Engineering: The Next Technological Leap or a Disruption to the Natural Order of Our Planet?

Genetic Engineering: The Next Technological Leap or a Disruption to the Natural Order of Our Planet?

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While walking down the produce aisle at your local grocery store, have you ever questioned where the assortment of goods came from? When asked, perhaps your first thought would likely be from a local farm or orchard. But what if I were to tell you that those very goods could in fact be from a far less obvious third choice? What if someone told you that those pretty peaches on display were meticulously grown in a laboratory to bring forth predetermined traits? As futuristic as it may sound, this type of technology is no longer science fiction but has become a new reality. Genetic engineering is a type of science defined as the deliberate modification of characteristics of organisms by manipulation of genetic material. This emerging development has managed to make its mark in our growing global consciousness and there is a rising dispute amongst the masses. While some agree that genetic engineering is the next technological leap for humanity, others believe it disrupts the natural order of our planet.
Proponents of genetic engineering state that there are many potential benefits from experimentation with genetics, despite the serious risk involved when improperly implemented. When utilized correctly, the technology could prove to be an evolutionary step for mankind into a superior future. The fields of study most directly affected would be agriculture, the medical industry, and energy production. World hunger still affects many parts of the world and because of this; scientists have engineered many forms of enhanced nutritive foods, such as golden rice which is enhanced with Vitamin A, or potatoes with high protein yields. (Deb Prasad Ray 113) Genetic engineers have also taken it a step further and come up with several hypotheses t...

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... to move at the speed of light can seem harsh at times. However, we must face our future questions and problems with sound judgment. The issue of genetic engineering has the possibility of changing everything we know, and we can not afford to be negligent of it.

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