Genetic Engineering Is The Gateway Into An Advanced Realm Of Medicine Essay example

Genetic Engineering Is The Gateway Into An Advanced Realm Of Medicine Essay example

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Genetic engineering is the gateway into an advanced realm of medicine. A realm where disease can be eradicated. A realm where parents can decide what attributes they want in their offspring. For genetic engineering to reach this point, it will need to become more of an acceptable practice, especially its use in fetuses and infants. These so called “designer babies” are the key for this progression (Britt). Society must just accept and adapt to these medical developments in order for the next step in human evolution to commence.
To understand why there should be genetic engineering in fetuses and infants and why it will improve the human species, it first helps to understand exactly what genetic engineering is. It is a process that involves changing genetic material so that new substances, known as proteins, can be made (“Science Clarified”). In unaltered DNA, the sequences of nitrogen bases attached to the sugar and phosphate chain correspond to a certain protein production during the process of transcription (“Science Clarified”). The types and amounts of proteins made result in the specific traits of the organism. DNA can be altered, however, and thus cause a change in the proteins determining the traits. This can be done by cutting the DNA apart with endonucleases enzymes, rearranging the nitrogen bases with exonucleases enzymes, and rejoining the DNA molecule with ligases enzymes (“Science Clarified”). This processes works on the scale of the nitrogen bases so is not always practical. An alternative technique is conducted by isolating an entire gene, obtaining a vector to carry said gene, and having the vector insert the gene into the needed cell (“Science Clarified”). The cell now can make the proteins that specific gene dic...

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...n modern times (The FHE Team). The real dilemma is had with the thought of actually altering human genes. To this, it can be countered:
If it is the individuality which makes us who we are, we should not be worried about changing a few genes in the genome. The individuality will integrate those changes in continuing to be who they are. A person humanness, their true humanity, will rule supreme over any material alterations just as it does when they have artificial limbs, surgical implants, or organ transplants. (Heaf)
Humans will remain humans even with genetic engineering; they will just be improved. Disease can be eliminated, gender selected, and traits enhanced. Society will have to accommodate, but in the end, humans as individuals, families, societies, and humans as a species will be enriched if genetic engineering becomes more accepted in fetuses and infants.

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