Genetic Engineering: Annotated Bibliography

Genetic Engineering: Annotated Bibliography

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“Genetic Engineering.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 2008 ed.
This encyclopedia was extremely helpful. In not knowing all of the exact terms and basic knowledge of genetic engineering, it helped inform any reader of all this and more. The pages that had information on genetics and genetic engineering, had detailed definitions and descriptions for all the terms and ideas. Instead of focusing more towards the future of genetic engineering, it gave numerous facts about the technology and accomplishments of today. In addition to basic knowledge information, history, diagrams, and background information was provided. Including genetic testing, genes and their formation, and genetic background. The encyclopedia gave easy, organized, and accessible information to use.
The information that the encyclopedia gave was amazing. It gave impressive descriptions of the terms, and medical procedures in full detail that anyone could understand without deep pondering about what it meant. The background information was helpful too because I could see where the ideas of genetic engineering came from, why people might want to incorporate it in the future, and pros and cons to the “mission” of genetic engineering. It helped immensely in the research for my paper.

Kavanaugh, John F. “The Case against Perfection: Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering.
( Designing Life)( Book Review)”. America. 13 August 2007: 33. From Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.
This site was actually a book review. It explained the different viewpoints of genetic engineering in humans. The information was limited because the book was not available to compare with, however, the powerful opposing sides of the article made many great points that maybe not every person would think of. The ideas varied from genetically enhancing children to an extent that parents could decide whether they want their children to be star athlete material, or strong, but gentle people in the future, to creating a child that might as well have “made in the USA” tattooed on his or her arm. This wild idea was inspired because of the chance that parents could pick out eye color, body shape, and color of skin, all before the baby is born. Most of this article focused on the ethics of genetic engineering in humans.
This article may not have been the best resource to use because I did not have the book to rely and compare to, but the viewpoints were strong and interesting.

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It showed some points of the future of genetics and genetic engineering that could go to some use in my paper. I do not think this article will be of great assistance in my research, however.

Parker, Steve. World Issues Genetic Engineering. Fressingfield: Gissing‘s Farm, 2002.
This book was an extremely helpful book. It gave the reader things to focus on, such as genetic “disorders”, genetically engineered food, cloning, and genes. The information mainly came from the insight the author gave about each subject. This book gave information about genes in humans before it went to talk about genetically altering humans. Problems like human mutations were listed and talked about as problems that could possibly be eliminated in the future. Cloning was a huge part of this book’s information too.
This book would be helpful to me because it is easy to read. The descriptions in this book were at a level where most people could understand, so it made it easy to follow along and get information from. I think that the part about genetic mutations was interesting. That particular section would be a great help in my topic for a pro side to genetic engineering.

Torr, James D., ed. Genetic Engineering. Farmington Hills: Greenhaven Press, 2006.

This particular book was an interesting, and helpful book. It focused entirely on both viewpoints of genetic engineering throughout the entire book. How genetic engineering will improve human health, how it will benefit society, how it is ethical, and how the government should repsond to genetic engineering are all topics disscused and viewed in this book. This book makes great debates such as losing humanity, or controlling it with genetic engineering.
This book was a great help in finding information for both sides. When working on my essay, I could use this information to help me make opposing ideas in the beginnings of my new topics. The other side could be used as my viewpoint. This book was helpful mainly in how the government could deal with the information of this new research, and not as much of the information I needed.
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