Essay about The Genesis Of Contemporary Black Feminism

Essay about The Genesis Of Contemporary Black Feminism

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The first article is written by Black feminists and African American lesbians. This reading was broken into three different topics that all centered around the idea that they have never felt equal throughout their entire lives. The first topic, The Genesis of Contemporary Black Feminism, describes the origins of the ongoing struggle for liberation for black feminists and lesbians. The beginning of the late 1960’s, feminists had been beginning, however, the black feminists decided to branch off into their own separate feminist group, which was named the National Black Feminist Organization. Along with the explanation of launching the NBFO, it explains the continuous negative relationship with political system of America, primarily because it is ruled by white males. The second section explains the beliefs of the black feminist. Their core beliefs are that the only people that care about their liberation is themselves. Dube goes on to explain the cruel treatment that they receive and how little value their lives truly have compared to others.
The third and fourth article can be combined into one big idea. The third article goes over the problems in organizing black feminists while the fourth article goes over black feminist issues and practice. In the third article, the author explains how they not only have to fight just one oppression, rather than a whole range of oppressions. The fourth section goes over the idea of equality between white women and black women. The black women strive to allow the white women to see things from their point of view and are attempting to allow others to have an idea of how much racism there truly is for them. Overall, this book explains the experiences that black feminists faced from their own pers...

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...ading through this book, I never truly realized how much the story sets a base for other parts of the Bible. I never noticed how it makes an appearance in the New Testament, even though it is first presented in the Old Testament. There are several things that I have questions about, however those questions are not specifically about the book of Exodus. The questions that I have are primarily about the idea of postcolonialism. I am mostly curious of what postcolonialism is truly referring to. From my own knowledge, there are several different meanings of the word. This section did not talk about the women of the time, nor the women of the Bible very much, however, there is evidence that women were not out of the picture while creating theses theories . Overall, I was interested on the different points that these authors made in regards to different books in the Bible.

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