Essay on Generational Divide And Its Impact On The Future Of American Literature

Essay on Generational Divide And Its Impact On The Future Of American Literature

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English has always been a subject I forget how awesome it is, therefore taking this American Literature class it illuminated to me how fun these classes can be again. The enjoyment of reading a brilliantly crafted work and discussing with others the plethora of meanings it contains amplified the enjoyment of the course. Additionally, being a history major it was awesome seeing how much we talked about the history, politics, and culture impacting the various author’s works. Reading these works that had topics ranging from generational divide stories to what the American Dream means today fleshed out our understandings of the material being read. Thus, by knowing the meanings behind these stories it aids us in predicting the future of American Literature’s topics as the saying goes history repeats itself. Ultimately, by reflecting on what was taught, understating the lessons via discussions, and by using those to help predict future topics it made the class one of the best I have taken.
The main topics that I learned the most about were generational divide stories and issues about what artists should make their art about which I learned a great deal from the stories we read. Our class started with a generational divide story Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller which focused on the divide seen by Willy and his son Biff. The play’s setting takes place in 1940’s New York where Willy the protagonist an old, mediocre salesman gets infatuated by the concept of capitalism. Therefore, when raising his two children Biff and Happy he wanted to make sure that he passed down his older mentality to them by any means necessary. The divide grows as the boys grow older and experience the modern times which did not take too kindly to Willy’s weak m...

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...hing.” (1855). Ultimately, history repeats itself that explains why future American Literature will have similar topics to the ones highlighted in the past.
American Literature from 1900 to the present quickly became one of the best class I have taken at this school. I learned a tremendous amount about various aspects of American art, culture, history, and politics that influenced the way American authors writings. Furthermore, by the class having discussions talking about what the authors were facing in their time it made it easier unpacking the author’s stories. Altogether, I learned a lot from this course the great discussions we had on the backgrounds behind the authors that made me think differently about how I view American literature today. Ultimately, with all this knowledge it makes it easier to predict the future of the medium simply by observing the past.

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