Essay on Generation Y 's Intelligence

Essay on Generation Y 's Intelligence

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Speculation over the legitimacy of Generation Y’s intelligence has been adamant in recent years. Though most perceive this group of young people as astonishingly idiotic, pointing fingers at technology and crying apathy does not validate their biased claim anymore than a pinky swear validates a promise. People have always pondered the idea of adolescents’ abilities to be understanding, to be original and to be knowledgeable because of luxurious inventions such as the smartphone. While some claim the intelligence amongst those in Generation Y to be meager and disguised apathy, the Millennials are not phased and will continue to do exactly what they are doing - utilizing the sources created by those before them in order to become more knowledgeable and successful.
There once was an author man who was bored as he sat on his living room chair, watching ESPN highlights late into the night. To amuse himself he took a big pen and wrote down, “Children! Children! The children are becoming idiots!” Mark Bauerlein, author of The Dumbest Generation, has claimed that the Millennials are the dumbest generation, stating that they do not respect their elders, nor do they have the steadfast will to actually learn, as they are simply regurgitating information onto a sheet of paper. Yes, many can argue that the children of America today are more interested in achieving high grades and seeking the percentages over the knowledge that comes along with that letter grade, but to what extent is that statement true?
Now, more than ever, the competition for college scholarships is high. With so many determined young people wanting to be successful in all areas of work and life, is it a surprise that students are looking for the most efficient way to gathe...

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... I would say that, in light of recent events, accepting love over all, no matter who you are, no matter where you came from, no matter what gender you are, is a fairly intelligent concept. How can the definition of intelligence be based on a “few intellectual questions”? At the University of California, Los Angeles, a college graduate by the name of Mark Bauerlein never failed a test? Never got one question wrong? Pull three of the questions Mark Bauerlein never understood or never got correct, and base his intelligence off of those few missed questions, those few uncertainties, and what do you have? According to himself, a Millennial. I could be wrong, and I don’t know if it’s my lack of intelligence, or my narcissism, but I am certain that Generation Y is more than capable of handling a few social punches. Because, if you ask me, I would say we are doing just fine.

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