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Generation Y : A Generation Of Slackers Essay

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Generation Y Not
Generation Y, more commonly referred to as the “millennials”, is today’s group of young people. Similar to other generations, each cohort is labeled with unique characteristics and inevitably faces adversities while taking its place in society. Many American’s today debate their views on the youngster generation, but none the less all sides can agree the discussion has become a hot topic. Catherin Rampell creates an open discussion in her article, A Generation of Slackers? Not So Much, addressing the main issue: Are millennials a generation of slackers. I feel strongly that my views align with Rampell’s, in believing my generation has already begun to show its capability of doing great things. Through analysis of the text and my own personal experience I am able to dispute the opposition towards my generation as well as, express the positive relationship of millennials in schools, the workforce, and their overall effects on society.
Millennials and Education
The article spotlights laziness and entitlement as two large reasons for disliking the youth of today. The article pinpoints the cause of this issue to be dwindling education standards and the accessibility to technology. Naysayers report that millennials, “can access just about any resource, product or service anywhere from a mere tap on a touch screen” (Rampell, 2011, 7). As a millennial born in the ninety’s, I can attest to the fact that technology almost seems imprinted into our generation at birth, but I disagree this makes us inferior. The privilege of having information just a click away allows more opportunities for learning and increases potential for information means of communication, and efficiency which to our generation is a priority. In my pers...

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...nials bring a new spirit of togetherness that everyone could take away from. With teamwork a common goal of unity and stability is being created amongst the new generation.
Millennials are innovative and productive members of society caught in the midst of a culture clash with senior generations. Catherine Rampell perfectly illustrates a hazing attitude of older generations towards the up and coming when she states, “accusations of laziness and narcissism in “kids these days” are nothing new — they’ve been levied against Generation X, Baby Boomers and many generations before them” (Rampell, 2001, 6). Taking this into consideration along with the evidence of productivity, efficiency, and overall determination of Generation Y, I feel confident that Millennials are doing a great job and in time we will earn our rightful place besides the generations that came before us.

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