The Generation that has it EASY Essay

The Generation that has it EASY Essay

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Through studies Conducted on the United States population by The American Psychological Association', they have found that teenagers are the most stressed out group. The common perspective among people is that the adults are the ones that carry the most stress since they must pay bills and sustain a family with 2.5 children. I believe this is an important subject because it has led not only to psychological problems, but also physical problems. Leading me to believe that this topic must be further researched, to find a solution to the problem that has been affecting such a large part of the population.
It seems that there is a similar cause to all the stress that teenagers have been feeling, which is their futures. Whether it’s what colleges they are going to attend or deciding which field to go into, the stress is there. By themselves, these two problems cause high levels of stress, they also lead to other issues that lead to more stress. Such as students being involved in extra-curricula’s, jobs, or even volunteering in their spare time. Therefore, the average teenager no longer has any spare time for themselves because they are constantly trying to impress colleges or future employers.
Though stress is mainly believed to be psychological, the truth is that all parts of the body are affected by high levels of stress. Many symptoms of high stress levels include lack of sleep, aches and pains, memory loss, depression, and lack of healthy eating. Thus, the common view of stress is wrong and is a larger problem than most people believe. Also, many do not realize that it has become a vicious cycle because stress leads to the symptoms, which then lead to more stress, and the cycle continues.
I would like to further my research on ho...

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