The Generation Of The Millennial Generation Essay

The Generation Of The Millennial Generation Essay

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The Baby Boomers have grown older and the new generation, Generation X, Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are taking their place. Why has the world taken a huge interest in the Millennial generation? Millennials are people born between the years 1980 and 2000. They grew up being “coddled and helicoptered,” entertained by 24-hour TV. Sam Tanenhaus of The New York Times, writes that Millennials were “fussed over, dissected by psychologists, demographers, [and] trend-spotters.” Millennials were brought up using digital technology and mass media. There are those who see Millennials as the “screwed generation,” while others think Millennials are highly educated and will do a lot for the future of the United States. While at times the Millennial generation is known to be hardworking, and ambitious, they are actually a group of self-absorbed, in debt, and people who lack a productive education.
There are many positive characteristics that the Millennial generation have. Millennials are well- educated, tech-savvy, hard workers, and deep thinkers. These characteristics make Millennials appealing to employers. The Sunday Business Post writes that this generation is “more collaborative in their approach to work and are excellent networkers generally. They are achievement-focused and very ambitious”(“The age”). Millennials are meticulous about their work, if something doesn’t sound right they will not let the issue go unresolved.
One of the many things that impact the Millennial generation and cause it to be looked down upon are their role models. Growing up in a society with TV, Internet, and Smartphones, people have constant access to celebrities, who have replaced parents and teachers as the new role models. When adol...

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...y them back.
Unsurprisingly, Millennials are known for the huge debts they have amassed to pay for their college education. In today’s economy, rebuilding itself after the recession, there are a limited number of jobs. Not only do Millennials have their own debts, but “ they’re going to inherit enormous debt [from] their parents”(Kotkin) that their children may ultimately have to pay for.
“Millennials are narcissistic, overconfident, entitled and lazy. Their self-centeredness could bring about the end of civilization as we know it” (Stein and Sanburn, 2013). Doubtless, American society will survive the era of Millennials. Considering the youthfulness of Millennials, we can have hope that they will change, outgrow their fascination with taking selfies and cast off the role models of the teenage years and ensure that the words of Stein and Sanburn do not come true.

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