The Generation Of The Millennial Demographic Essay

The Generation Of The Millennial Demographic Essay

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Being part of the Millennial demographic does have its advantages. Though this essay isn’t quite on the advantages, there is one key idea I will be referring back to many times; Millennials are lazy and spoiled. Not only do Millennials live in a generation where the future of the world is taking shape, we are the ones who are changing it. The infographic created by Cognizant’s Todd Weinert and Sara Mihan, visualizing the study of Millennials and Telecommunication, proves exactly how spoiled the Millennials truly are. In this essay, I will describe 3 specific statistical findings by Cognizant and relate them to my own experiences and opinions as a true Millennial.

The infographic, designed from a study of 925 consumers in different generations, stated that we Millennials would rather be contacted by digital channels rather than phone. In other words, only 43%, compared to the 57%, would rather be contacted by phone. What is interesting is that when it is compared to the Generation X or the Baby Boomers (50 years or older), almost 70% would rather be contacted by phone than digital channels. To me, there are two reasons for this: one, there is a technology gap. Personally, if I were to call up my grandmother and tell her I sent her an email and check it, she would laugh at me and hang up the phone. I believe that many older generations don’t quite understand technology the way Millennials do, and perhaps feel as if it is too late to learn. Second, I believe the older generations are more personable. They grew up interacting with one another verbally and did not have the gadgets to entertain themselves like Millennials do. I would much rather stand in an elevator with someone I do...

... middle of paper ... who are not interested in this connected home service. I believe that my generation is obsessed with technology and look forward to the next “thing” on how it can not only help change the word, but ultimately help us become even lazier as well.
Cognizant’s Todd Weinert and Sara Mihan created a perfect infographic representing statistical figures relating to Millennials’ communication and power preferences. From these statistics, we can conclude that these numbers communicate the basic ideas that Millennials feed off immediate knowledge, get what they want, are lazy, and of course, spoiled. I hate to judge my own generation, and although we do convey these negatives, we are changing the world. As we look back on these items and are constantly judged by our older generations, we can just laugh and say, “We invented Google…How’s that for life changing?”

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