Generation Differences: Millennials in the Work Field Essay

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The upcoming generation, millennials, are a new type of generation. They have proven to be the most educated generation, despite the hard times in the economy. Yet they still face criticism from their elders on their work ethic. Although they seem to all be lazy and not interested in working, not all millennials are like that. They just have different values in life, and balance work life with free time. Millennials have faced a lot of criticism on their work ethic, which has many questioning do millennials have a strong work ethic. They are said to be lazy narcissistic tech addicts, who don’t take any job seriously and slack off. What most don’t know is that the economy hasn’t been in the greatest of shape, this makes work ethic hard to define for millennials since even finding a job and paying for school has become difficult. Another problem is that older generations are judging millennials work ethic because it’s simply different from theirs. The best solution would be if work ethic could be redefined as not just the belief of hard work and its benefits, but the belief of being able to have an equal balance between work and free time, or if millennials no longer cared about what other generations say.
When defining what millennials are, it is first necessary to define what the term millennials and work ethic means. defines work ethic as, “A belief in work as a moral good” (“Work ethic”). Millennials are the group of people who were born in the years ranging from 1980’s to mid-1990, they are also known as the Me generation or generation Y. One reason why this topic is important to me is because I myself am counted as a millennial and in my opinion I think my work ethic is just fine. My peers seem to have a go...

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