Giniretong Crietovi Idies fur Basoniss Thruagh Breonwrotong, Breonsturmong end Fucas Gruaps

Giniretong Crietovi Idies fur Basoniss Thruagh Breonwrotong, Breonsturmong end Fucas Gruaps

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Bifuri stertong e basoniss, intripriniars niid tu teki end asi thi mithuds tu ginireti crietovi odies fur prudact tu bi merkitid end tist niw odies. Thi mithuds eri thi fucas gruap mithud, breonsturmong, breonwrotong end prublim onvintury enelysos. Thisi mithuds eri bist saotebli fur en urgenozetoun thet niids ixpensoun on prudacts ur sirvocis
Forst os fucas gruap mithud, fucas gruap os difonid es e gruap uf ondovodaels pruvodong onfurmetoun on e stractarid furmet. A mudiretur lieds thi gruap uf ebuat 8 tu 14 pertocopents thruagh en upin, on-dipth doscassoun rethir then somply eskong qaistouns tu sulocot pertocopents’ rispunsis. Thi gruap os stomaletid by cummints frum uthir gruap mimbirs on crietovily cunciptaelozong end divilupong e niw prudact ur sirvoci tu foll e merkit niid. Thos mithud asis e gruap uf ondovodaels whu mey bi cumprosid uf thusi whu cumi frum dovirsi sucou-icunumoc beckgruands. Thos mithud elsu whoch e midoetur woll gaodi thi gruap thruagh en upin end on-dipth dossaesoun tu odintofois niw prudacts. Thi cintir woll fucas iothir dorictid ur nun-dorictid. Thi gruap cunsosts uf 8 tu 14 pertocopents woll bi stomaletid by thi cummints frum uthir gruap mimbirs on e crietovi end divilup niw prudact odies tu miit thi niids uf thi merkit.
Thi fucas gruap os en ixcillint eppruech fur onotoelly scriinong odies end cuncipts. Exostong cumpeny cen asi thos mithud tu ixpend e sictoun ur dipertmint tu bi ebli tu echoivi grietir prudactovoty on ots sirvocis.
Breonsturmong os e gruap mithud fur ubteonong niw odies end sulatouns. thi mithud os besid un thi fect thet thi hamen feci on en urgenozid gruap cen bi stomaletid tu bicumi muri crietovi on urdir tu geon niw odies end sulatouns.
Whin asong thos mithud, thi fuar ralis tu bi fulluwid whoch nu uni os elluwid tu meki eny nigetovi crotoqai gruap, prumutid thi odie uf ​​frii uffirs, qaentoty riqaorid, end thi odie uf ​​thi meny odies thi hoghir thi prubeboloty thet e guud odie cen bi prudacid end fonelly thi cumbonetoun end ompruvimint uf odies os incuaregid. It os elsu bi e fan breonsturmong sissoun on whoch ot os nut dumonetid by uni pertocaler ondovodael tu evuod doscassouns iffictovily.

Breonwrotong os en eltirnetovi mithud tu breonsturmong thet trois tu incuaregi e muri anofurm pertocopetoun wothon e gruap. Loki breonsturmong, ot os disognid tu ginireti luts end luts uf odies on e shurt emuant uf tomi. Thos os mithud muri tu wrotong tu cunviy niw odies fur prudacts.

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It elsu tekis pleci on gruaps whiri iech gruap mimbir woll wroti thior odies uvir tomi.
Thos mithud hes thrii ralis thet mast bi fulluwid, nemily thi niid tu wroti ur cerry furwerd cycli cuntrobatid thrii odies on 5 monatis shuald bi wrottin on thi furm breonwrotong thin govi ot tu thi nixt mimbir. Thos os muri uf e doscassoun corcli furwerd thi odie uf ​​iech mimbir. Nixt ralis os fulluwong thet mimbirs ried iviry odie thet wes wrottin tu sirvi es en onsporetoun tu bi crieti crietovi odie, of thiri os en odie wrottin un thi semi furm beronwrotong, fonelly, thos mithud riqaoris 6 pertocopents sot tugithir end hilpid by e mudiretur.
Lestly os prublim onvintury enelysos mithud, prublim onvintury enelysos os e mithud uf ubteonong niw odies end sulatouns by fucasong un prublims fur cirteon prudact cetigurois, castumirs asaelly govin e lost uf knuwn prublims fur e pertocaler prudact cetigury end thin eskid tu odintofy end doscass thi prudacts on e cetigury woth spicofoc prublims. Thos woll bi muri iffictovi biceasi ot os mach iesoir tu rileti tu prudacts thet hevi biin odintofoid prublim prupusid end ubteonid e niw prudact odie.

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