Essay about The Generalist Model Of Social Work

Essay about The Generalist Model Of Social Work

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The generalist model in the social work profession was drawn from a social system’s theory in the late 1960 's due to the complexities of problems and challenges faced by human beings. It was needed to assist social workers in assessing and interviewing clients. Rather than make the client fit the model, the generalist model seeks to find the approach that best fits the client, as well as emphasizing respect for client self-determination and the use of client strengths with empowerment as an expected client system outcome. A generalist practice model is used in all areas of social work field in ethical and effective helping based on the eco-systems perspective using problem-solving strategies and practice skills requiring a strengths perspective and cultural competency to serve individuals, families, groups, organizations or communities. It focuses on the mission, purpose, values and ethics of social work and assists practitioners in establishing collaborative relationships with people who use social work services and other constituents. The generalist model is taught in schools to prepare social workers to incorporate ethical principles in the social work field as well as enable generalist practitioners to use investigation and research skills to inform and improve practice.
The model also helps a generalist social worker to develop knowledge about the social work profession, social work values, and the purpose of social work, ethnic/diversity sensitivity, basic communication skills, and aids in understanding of human relationships. The model also provides a framework for assessment, intervention and change at multiple levels from personal to global. Issues related to the setting of practice, whether public or private, large a...

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...the same time there seems to be an issue with child abuse which is causing him to run away from home. This means the first course of action here is to stop any form of interviewing or assessment and focus on how to help him out of this terrible situation. The only questions I would ask him in this situation are demographic questions like full names, date of birth, race and ethnicity and base anything else on his previous statements, then immediately start looking for the available resources which can be utilized in helping Thomas. I would focus on getting him food to eat, clothes and help get him a place to live starting with anywhere he can take a shower and take care of his hygiene needs. Once Thomas is stable, I would utilize both the generalist and bio-psycho-social perspectives to conduct the interviewing and assessment process then move from that point forward.

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