Essay on The General Theory Of Crime

Essay on The General Theory Of Crime

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Over half of hate crime offenders enjoy the thrill and excitement of committing a hate crime, which fits perfectly into the elements of the General Theory of Crime. As mentioned above, there are many people who have thoughts regarding other people and judge them because of characteristics they might not be able to change. This could be their race, disability, or gender identity. Not everyone chooses to commit criminal acts towards someone based on their thoughts of him or her. The people that do commit hate crimes are exhibiting low self-control along with other characteristics that Gottfredson and Hirschi claimed are elements of low self-control such as insensitivity. Jack McDevitt, Jack Levin, and Susan Bennett (2002) explain the different offender typology that connects to the required elements for low self-control. Thomas Brudholm explains a hate crime incident in his article. The article explains that an African American man and women were driving home from a vacation and when they entered the driveway were met by three youths whom proceeded to yell racial slurs and stab and run over the man permanently damaging his mobility for the remainder of his life (Brudholm, 2015, p. 82). The behavior shown by these youths is extremely insensitive, physical, and extremely risky. The youth may not have had proper parenting to inform them that there are people of different races, but they are the same as everyone else, and that aggressive behavior is acceptable. The youths decided to take the risk and show low self-control to follow through with their decision to harm both the man and women because they are African American.

Policies are implemented within the criminal justice system in order to redu...

... middle of paper ... them regarding their specific characteristic (National Institute of Justice). It is difficult to understand exactly why these offenders choose to commit hate crimes towards innocent people. A theory that can be applied to hate crime is the General Theory of crime. This theory created by Gottfredson and Hirschi is based off of self-control (Tibbetts, 2015, p. 161). A child gains self-control by age 10, which in turn allows them to control themselves from engaging in criminal behavior (Tibbetts, 2015, p. 161). A policy that could be implicated to help prevent crime is to mandate all school’s to require hate crime and diverse learning before the age of 10. If the child learns that there are different people in the world before they gain self-control, they will then in turn learn that it is not acceptable to victimize someone because of their specific characteristic.

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