General Systems Theory And Evaluation Essay

General Systems Theory And Evaluation Essay

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The assigned case study revolves around the life and various changes that are occurring to Mrs. Smith. The goal is to plan an Advanced Practice Nursing care for her that is personalized and specific to her circumstances, stressors, strengths, support systems and goals. It is based on the assessment of her physiological, social, emotional systems. In order to accomplish the goals and objectives, the General Systems Theory will be utilized to assist and guide the APRN in assessing and recognizing the problems present in the various aspects of her life and formulating interventions that will assist, guide, and direct her towards resolutions, health, wellness, acceptance and overall positive actuality.
General Systems Theory is a theory that explains how a process works, interacts and functions within its components, environment, and limitations. It is a collection of exchanges and interactions that is limited by parameters that is organized in structure, has functional and interrelated parts, and achieves stability in its capacity to balance its parts within its own system (McEwen &Wills 2011). It is a very universal and generic theory in that it is can be applied in countless setting and fields of study. It is a system where the goal is to understand how principles, information, changes, environments, restrictions and actions functions and are all inter-related to each other (Haque). When specified in the field of nursing and the assigned case study, General Systems Theory can be focused on assessing the strengths and weakness of the subject or patient and to design effective plans and interventions that will aid her towards relative health, wellness.
The parameters of the assignment stated that the student is to select five...

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...In summary, General Systems Theory is an applicable model that can be effectively used in assessing, itemizing, planning, setting goals and intervening for each patient and developing a care plan that is unique to them. I felt that the excerpt did not provide adequate information about the subject, Mrs. Smith, in order to fully exhibit and realize how useful a tool the General Systems Theory is in guiding the APRN’s assessment and interventions.

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